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Video: Learn the Top 10 ECMAScript 2015 Features

Posted on in ES2015

Last year, I spoke at SenchaCon in Las Vegas, about ES2015. I've found the recording online. JavaScript dev, in case you are interested:

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Introduction to the Video Intelligence API

Posted on in GCP Machine Learning

Search and discover your media content with powerful Cloud Video Intelligence API Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes videos searchable, and discoverable, by extracting metadata with an easy to use REST API. You can now search every moment of every video file in your catalog and find every occurrence as well as its significance. It […]

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Analyzing data with BigQuery and Machine Learning APIs

Posted on in Data science GCP Machine Learning

Forecast the Dutch elections based on social media presence. Wednesday the 15th of March 2017, was a big day for the Netherlands, at that day it was the Dutch general election, where the Dutch elected members of the house of representatives. The House of Representatives (the Second Chamber) is composed of 150 seats elected by […]

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Goodbye Sencha, Hello Google

Posted on in GCP Sencha

Within 4 years working for Sencha, I’ve done 86 trips. 28 live trainings, I spoke at 38 webinars and events (including SenchaCon, FITC and O’Reilly). I’ve visited 15 countries and I’ve attended 3 SenchaCons. I’ve spoken with many customers. I’ve worked with every public, EA and beta version since Sencha Touch 0.8, and Ext JS […]

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The future of Sencha’s build tools

Posted on in Cmd Environment ES2015

Sencha Cmd is Java based, and makes use of Apache Ant. You can find all the jar libs when you navigate to the installation folder of Cmd. For Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Mac OSX: ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/{cmd-version} For Ext JS 4, 5 and 6; the best way to develop and kickstart your applications is by running […]

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How to use the Sencha visual studio plugin

Posted on in Environment

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Community on Windows 10. Here's how you can start using it: Create a new project: File > New Project > Sencha > Ext JS Workspace Choose a folder on your hard drive that contains the SDK (for example: ext-6.0.2) Choose the Sencha installation folder (for example: C:\Windows\Users\username\bin\Sencha\Cmd\ It will take […]

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How to use the Sencha visual studio plugin with existing projects

Posted on in Environment

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Community on Windows 10. Here's how I use the plugin in combination with existing Sencha projects on my file system. First create a blank project: File > New Project Select: Other Project Types > Visual Studio Solution > Blank Solution Now we will add a Sencha project/workspace folder to the […]

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Unix / Mac OSX: How to find a strings in multiple files?

Posted on in Environment Unix

Ever need to search through all your files for a certain word or phrase? You will need the grep command for this. Handy, and it's recursive, which means you can search through your entire directory tree, scanning every file along the way. grep -r "foo" /mypath The "-r" switch, tells "grep" to scan files in […]

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Universal Windows Apps for Microsoft Surface Pro Hybrids / MS Edge with Ext JS 6

Posted on in Ext JS 6

Now that hybrid touch pc’s / tablets, like the Windows Surface Pro, got popular, I often hear people asking me, if it’s possible to create Ext JS apps for Windows tablets? Ext JS 6 has support for Windows 10. The classic toolkit supports IE8 and up, and the modern toolkit supports the Edge browser. It […]

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Custom UI Components with Sencha

Posted on in Cmd Ext JS Ext JS 5 Ext JS 6

Sencha recently announced the Angular 2 and React bridges. https://www.sencha.com/blog/first-look-ext-js-bridge-to-angular-2/ https://www.sencha.com/blog/react-and-ext-js-secret-besties/ These are great solutions for Angular 2 or React developers, which do want to make use of the robust Sencha components.(For what’s worth; the Angular 2 and React frameworks don’t contain components. These are just single page app frameworks which sets up the architecture […]

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