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Reverse Engineer the Sencha FontAwesome package to get an overview of icons.

Posted on in CSS Sass

Ext JS 6, ships with a copy of the font-awesome icon font. Remember the Wingdings* Font from back in the days? Icon Fonts are somehow similar like that. An icon font is a (fontface) font, and every (unicode) character maps to an icon. Icon fonts are great, because they are all vectors. Therefore you can […]

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D3 Visualizations in Ext JS 6.2

Posted on in Ext JS

Ext JS 6.2 is currently in Early Access release. This means that you can try out, a version prior beta. If you run into problems, share these on the forum, or with one of the Sales Engineers, like me. Note: EA releases should never been used in production. What’s new in this release are the […]

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“Github Error: Permission to user/repo denied to user/other-repo”

Posted on in Git

Today I came across the following problem on my Github CLI interface on Windows 10: "Error: Permission to user/repo denied to user/other-repo" This error means the key you are pushing with is attached to another repository as a deploy key, and does not have access to the repository you are trying to push to. I […]

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Native Sencha apps with Ext JS 6 and Cordova / PhoneGap

Posted on in Cmd Cordova Ext JS 6

Last time I played with Cordova, I developed Sencha Touch apps. Been there, done that. Sencha’s new mobile framework, is Ext JS 6. With Ext JS 6 you can create desktop applications or mobile (tablets or phone) apps. And.. you can create universal apps. A universal app, means one Ext JS 6 code base, for […]

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How to switch Sencha Cmd versions from the command-line?

Posted on in Cmd

Did you know that you can very easily switch between multiple Sencha Cmd versions from the command-line? With the release of Sencha Cmd 6, it's actually very easy, and you no longer, need to manually open your system variables or .bash_profile file. With the following command you check how which versions are installed: View the […]

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Help! I have to present. How to rock it?

Posted on in Sencha

Public speaking. Whether it’s at a (tech) conference, a training for a group of people, or an internal presentation for your colleagues or boss. It can be scary. Since I work for Sencha, I’ve spoken for a crowd, now maybe a hundred of times. I’ve developed myself a real “speaker voice”. I speak loud from […]

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Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises

Posted on in Ext JS 6 Uncategorized

JavaScript is single threaded, causing code to execute from top to bottom, so two bits of code cannot run at the same time. For example, you might download a JSON file from an (external) server and you’d have to wait until you retrieve that file. Instead of blocking the thread, there are ways you can […]

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Django Template extending

Posted on in Django Python

In this tutorial I will describe how you can extend from Django’s templates, and create your own. 1. Create a templates folder in the root of your site. 2 visit the website. Create a static folder in the root of your site. 3. Enable the templates folder in your root settings.py file: TEMPLATES = [ […]

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Setup a Django Project with a MySQL database.

Posted on in Django MySQL Python

This tutorial requires Python 2.7. First make sure virtualenv is installed: $ pip install virtualenv To set up a virtual environment for your project, use: $ virtualenv myproject To join the environment: $ source myproject/bin/activate Install Django: $ pip install Django Create a Django project. $ django-admin startproject mysite By default Django will make use […]

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Mac OSX error: Sauce Labs – Error fetching PAC

Posted on in Environment

I'm using Sencha Test together with the Sauce Labs browser farm. In order to see all the various browsers in my Sencha Test Studio, I have to setup a Sauce Labs Connect tunnel. You can download it from here: https://wiki.saucelabs.com/display/DOCS/Setting+Up+Sauce+Connect Extract the zip, and place the contents of the folder under this location: /Users/username/bin/SauceLabs/sauceconnect/ Create […]

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