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Connect & play around with BB-8 by Sphero with JavaScript on a Mac

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I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and like most of you, i’ve seen The Force Awakens as well. I immediately felt in love with BB-8. The little white orange droid. So you can imagine, how happy I was, when I opened my christmas presents, and found the little BB-8 by Sphero droid in a box. BB-8 by Sphero, is a little toy robot that you can control with apps for Android and iOS, via bluetooth. Actually the sphere is the true robot, BB-8’s head is attached to the big sphere, via a magnet, and it has little wheels so it always stays on top, and gives it the Looney Toones Road runner look, while rolling. Cute.

This little droid has the following functionalities; it can roll around (quiet fast,), it can listen to your voice (via the app), it can show colors, it has IMU, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis rotation gyro and locator sensors. The BB-8 uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) interface, also known as “Bluetooth Smart” or “Bluetooth 4.0/4.1”.

What’s really awesome is that Sphero opens up their APIs, so developers like me, can play around with this. And that’s great. There are SDKs for Android, iOS, Windows development, and there’s a JavaScript SDK! Since I’m a JavaScript lover, I thought, let’s give it a go, and try this out myself.

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