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Tutorial: Full-stack JavaScript for the Enterprise. Getting started with: Ext JS, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Docker. (1)

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This is part I of the tutorial, and covers: JavaScript on the client.

Yeah you are correct, when you have a web project, optimized for production, you can use FTP and simple upload the folder on your server. That’s easy, and when you only have a simple HTML5/JS/CSS app, or an application with a PHP back-end on Apache this probably works fine for you. But what, if you have a very complex application, or you are working on an application with a large team? You probably want to automate as much as possible, and make every live build easy. This tutorial will show you, how you can create an app where we will use JavaScript on the client (an Ext JS 6 app), and JavaScript on the server (Node.js with Express).

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