Mac OSX: Run Sublime from your terminal

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Wouldn't it be cool to navigate within your terminal to your project folder and then run sublime with the following command:

subl . 

It's easy to setup...

Add the bin folder to your paths:
First open your ~/.bash_profile file. (it's hidden so you will need to enable hidden folders.)
Add the following line:

export PATH=~/bin:$PATH

Create a symlink

sudo ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" ~/bin/subl

Please note the first path, is the path to your Sublime Text 2 app. If you moved your app to a different folder you will need to modify this line.
The second path is the place where you will create your symlink. This is the ~/bin folder.
Since you've added the bin folder to your classpaths; you can now easily run the subl . commands.