Running multiple Sencha Cmd versions

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Do you want to run multiple versions of Sencha Cmd, because you are developing Sencha Touch, Ext JS 4, 5 and 6 apps all together?

This guide will give you answers.

Multiple Cmd versions

Now the only thing here, you will need to take care of, is that you are running multiple Sencha Cmd versions, next to each other.

From the Sencha website, you can install the older versions, just in case, you are running a fresh install:

It will install Sencha Cmd on your machine.
On a Mac, the path is: ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/ on Windows it is probably C:\sencha\cmd\.

You can maintain the Cmd versions on a Mac in the ~/.bash_profile file. On Windows it's under your environment variables. (see this guide, I wrote earlier

Running multiple Cmd versions side by side

Something else I did. What you might consider to setup as well, especially in case you are developing Sencha Touch, Ext JS 6, and / or Ext JS 4 & 5 apps all together... Is making earlier Sencha Cmd versions available on the command -line.

When I type sencha5, I run Sencha Cmd 5 commands. When I type sencha, I run the latest Cmd 6 commands. That's because I bound these to the correct paths. You can do this too. It's very easy.

First of all make sure the paths to the earlier versions are in the .bash_profile / environment vars. (which you probably already did, since I wrote it above).
Second, and the most important step, is renaming the sencha executable (located in the Cmd installation folder) to sencha5, sencha4 etc.

And that's it!

Introducing Ext JS 5 Beta

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Last week was a very important week for Sencha. We recently introduced Ext JS 5 to the public. It's now possible to try out the beta version!

As a Sencha employee I already had early access to this framework; that gave me enough time to play around with it. ..and I have to say... I love it!

Ext JS 5, is another step closer towards Sencha Touch. It shares a lot of code with Sencha Touch it allows the same code to power both desktop and touch device experiences, with a gesture system inspired by Sencha Touch.

Tablet support

Ext JS 5 supports IE8+ and the latest tablet platforms such as iOS6/7, Chrome on Android 4.1+, and Win 8 touch-screen devices (such as Surface and touch-screen laptops) running IE10+.

MVVM application architecture

Another very important feature of Ext JS 5 is support for a popular alternative to MVC: MVVM (standing for Model-View-ViewModel). One of the big attractions to MVVM is data binding. With data binding, you no longer have to write all of the “glue” code to connect the model layer to the view and update the model when the view is modified.

That's not all. There are lots of other cool features. I summarized a list with all the new topics:

  • Core, Class System: Private Methods, Class System change to merge with Sencha Touch, Data Package, Events, Utilities & Feature/Environment dection
  • Application Architecture, Additional MVVM (Model, View, ViewModel), Sencha Ext 4 MVC still exists, Two-way data binding, View Models, View Controllers, Routing
  • Data Package, Model validation Binding, Many to Many Associations, Chained Stores, Data Sessions, Heterogeneos Stores and TreeStores, Offline Proxies (from Touch, LocalStorage, SessionStorage, SQL)
  • Forms, Custom Field Types, Field layouts, Layout free containers, Textfield triggers
  • Tablet/ Touch Support, Neptune Touch theme, New Crisp (iOS 7 like) Theme, Event System, Gestures support
  • Grids, Widget Column (component cells), Widgets (Progress Bar, Slider, Sparkline), Buffered Updates, Cell updates, Rendering Optimizatons
  • Sencha Charts, Sencha Touch charts package, Legacy Charts available atleast till 5.1
  • New components / classes, Multi-select grid, Tag field, Ext.mixin.Mashup, Ext.dashboard.Dashboard
  • Other, Compatibility Layer, Sencha Cmd 5

Take a look into the Ext JS 5 API Docs and "What's new"-guides, to play around with all these new goodies! I'm sure, you'll love it too.

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