How to lazy load scripts / partials?

Posted on in Ext JS 5 & 6 Questions

When you make Sencha builds with Sencha Cmd, out of the box, it will package all the code into one single JS file. Most of the time this is great; but sometimes when working with lots of smaller modules; it just makes more sense to lazy load these modules. (which is possible with Ext JS and Sencha Touch!)

The Sencha prof. services team wrote a very good blog post on how to setup lazy loading for Ext JS and Sencha Touch:

I think, this guide should help you out tamiflu for kids.
However, I’ve also seen that the prof. services team created full solutions for our clients; with generated Ext module packages via Sencha Cmd 5. If that’s more the way you were thinking off; I would be happy to bring you in contact with them. The prof. services team might be able to develop a similar solution for your product for a reasonable fee…

Both solutions, blog post vs custom made solution, require the use of Sencha Cmd.