Install AsciiDoc on the commandline (Mac OSX)

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When you are not really used to work on the command line it might seem hard to install AsciiDoc on your Mac OSX machine. These are the commands I used for installing it on the command line. Actually it's pretty easy with the use of the Mac Port tool.

  1. Download Mac Port and run the install wizard.
  2. Open a new terminal and install AsciiDoc via Port:
sudo port install asciidoc
  1. In your terminal install dblatex via Port:
sudo port install dblatex

Now you can start writing *.txt files with ASCIIDOCS format which can be exported to epub:

a2x -f epub ~/Documents/book.txt

or PDF:

a2x -f pdf --fop ~/Documents/book.txt

or html:

a2x -f xhtml ~/Documents/book.txt

Note: ~/Documents/book.txt points to the path with my textfile.
It's possible to skip the xml lint validation, by adding the following parameters:

--verbose --no-xmllint