Projects in Sublime Text 2

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Working with projects in Sublime Text 2 is less straightforward compared to any other editor or IDE.
Though it's easy to setup:

  1. Open Sublime
  2. File > Open (select project folder)
  3. Project > Add folder to project
  4. Select project folder and press ok.
  5. Project > Save project as
    2 files will be created: untitled.sublime-project & untitled.sublime-workspace

By default the sidebar view is hidden.
To enable the sidebar and view all open files:
View > Sidebar > Show Sidebar

Next time you can open your project with:
Project > Open Project > untitled.sublime-project

The untitled.sublime-project & untitled.sublime-workspace files allow you to make project/workspace specific configurations to Sublime.
You define multiple folder paths as well as specify folders and files you want to exclude from view. For example:

            "path": "wwwroot",
            "folder_exclude_patterns": ["images">
            "path": "c:wwwrootproject1assets",
            "name": "Project 1",
            "file_exclude_patterns": ["*.php">
        "tab_size": 8

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