How can I create a Google Map component to my Ext JS app?

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Alt TextI created an example. Actually, I had an application myself I wanted to update.
See here:, I am using a Google Map, with the markers from a store.

All my code is on Github, so you can download that and inspect it:


You will see on line 11, that I am including the Geocode.js. But I am actually not using it.
If you are not planning to use Geocoding (for searching addresses, and moving the map), comment out this line. Otherwise put the Geocode file, into app/utils.

On line 112, you will see that I expect, that every record in the store, has a field name:
"latitude" and "longitude". In case this is different for your data; Either change it on this line.
Or, you could create a field convert in your model.
Something like:

    name: 'latitude', //what the map needs
    type: 'float',
        depends: 'my-lat-string', //the name your data feed returned
        convert: function(value, rec) {
           return rec.get("my-lat-string");
    name: 'longitude',
    type: 'float',
        depends: 'my-lng-string',
        convert: function(value, rec) {
          return rec.get("my-lng-string");

index.html includes Google. You probably already have that:

Now you need to wire it up.
Take a look here:

On line 46, I add the xtype "map" . (on line 13, I add it to the requires).

I pass in a custom zoom level. (that's optional),

and I pass in a location, so Google Maps knows on which point it needs to center. (this is required, and I use the coords from Amsterdam)

Line 52 binds the store. (in case you have the store wired up in the view model, it's required to see markers)

Line 55, is an optional listener. I coded it there, in case you want to do something when you select a certain marker. For now it just logs the object and the city name.

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