Top 5 Tips — Get Started with the Latest Sencha Product Releases

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While the whole world is discussing the new iOS 7 release, or locking themselves in front of the game console to play GTA 5, Sencha has just delivered several updates to its frameworks and tools. Not just one product release but four product releases: Sencha Touch 2.3, Ext JS 4.2.2, Sencha Cmd 4 and Sencha Architect 2.2.3.

To celebrate the new product releases, we’re sharing some of the best tricks to get your app development started quickly. You can also attend Sencha training, where you’ll not only master these four products, you’ll get lots more tips and tricks as well as best practices from our expert instructors.

We’ll start off with a very basic, but oh so handy trick, and progress to one we think you will really appreciate.

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