Goodbye Sencha, Hello Google

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Within 4 years working for Sencha, I’ve done 86 trips. 28 live trainings, I spoke at 38 webinars and events (including SenchaCon, FITC and O’Reilly). I’ve visited 15 countries and I’ve attended 3 SenchaCons. I’ve spoken with many customers. I’ve worked with every public, EA and beta version since Sencha Touch 0.8, and Ext JS 4.1. I’ve created many applications like and Also I wrote a book about Sencha Touch for O’Reilly:–Sencha-Touch-Real-World-Approach.

However, all good things come to an end.

I’ve decided to start a new challenge within my career. It’s a bit bittersweet. When I started working for Sencha, I was already a huge fan of their technology, I still am and also will be in the future. Although I won’t be working for the company anymore, I am still very excited in seeing what the future will bring for Sencha. With their new line-up of tools (Sencha’s Visual Studio Code plugin FTW!), NodeJS-based build tools and the new modern class system, I think the future is bright for Sencha wftdhfp.

Last week, was my last week at Sencha.
From next year, I will be start working as a sales engineer for Google. The project were I will be working on won’t be anything competing to Ext JS. Instead, I will join the Google Cloud Platform team. It’s a role, where I still will be in contact with many developers but in a broader sense than just front-end or JavaScript.
It might be even, that we will be still in contact with each other. Where I can help you in how you can deploy your (enterprise) applications into the cloud, and which services can help you by developing software faster. In case you’re interested; have a look:; GCP currently has a deal, where you can get 300 dollar for free, to spend on the Google Cloud Platform.
(For what’s worth, my blog is actually hosted on Google’s Compute Engine, where I have the full control over my virtual machine in the cloud, and I can easily scale and maintain.)

What’s up with this website? Will I still write blog posts? Yeah I will. Honestly, I’ve created this blog in 2005, mainly for myself, to help me remembering dev problems I’ve faced while developing in Java, PHP, Salesforce, JavaScript, HTML, Sass/CSS, Python, Django and later on; Sencha technologies. As working on a daily basis with the Sencha Tools and frameworks, and meeting with so many customers; I’ve always known what people like to read about, and I am still planning in doing so.

As it was always a dream for me to work for Sencha Inc. it was also always a dream for me, to work as an engineer for Google. I’m the living proof, that we can all make our dreams come true. As long as you’re a good person and eager to learn something new.